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The Flats—Silicon Valley’s First Fitwel Certified Community


Welcome to Silicon Valley’s first Fitwel Certified Community at The Flats! If you’ve been searching for new apartments for rent in Downtown Sunnyvale, you’ve reached your final destination—The Flats at CityLine. The Flats boasts premier luxury living where you will discover what it feels like to love where you live. In addition to stellar amenities and the largest unit layouts in Sunnyvale, our centralized location provides the perfect backdrop. What more could you ask for?

How about the opportunity to improve your physical and mental health? The security in knowing that the building community where you live is committed to sustainability and employs strategies that enhance resident’s health? 

Turns out, you can have it all! Luxury living and the health benefits associated with a Fitwel Certified Community.   

What exactly is a Fitwel Certified Community? 

This distinction is exclusive—the award isn’t handed out to just any building project or apartment community. Here’s what it takes to make the cut.

  • The Fitwel Certification Team evaluates a project using a double-blind approach to ensure an unbiased and consistent review. This process can take up to 12 weeks and is tailored to each project—either Design Certification (new builds) or Built Certification (for existing or recently completed projects).
  • The Fitwel Standard provides Scorecards and Fitwel Star Ratings. These ratings are awarded based on the project or building demonstrating that it meets specific qualifications in over 55 design and operational strategies that target enhancing occupant health. 
  • Recertification is required every three years. 

A Fitwel Certification assures residents that the building—

  • Prioritizes wellness from design, development, and operation of the building
  • Will integrate scientifically-proven strategies to optimize health within the building and community
  • Will serve as a leader in sustainability
  • Be proactive in improving the health of residents, employees, and visitors to the community

What does this mean for you?

It means you’re pretty smart! You made an excellent decision in choosing The Flats to call home. Not only do you get to enjoy the many benefits of these luxury apartments in Sunnyvale, CA (stellar location, modern spacious living, and enviable amenities… enough said!), but you also get the privilege of being part of Silicon Valley’s first Fitwel Certified Community. 

This means you’re a part of something unique—a community that is as concerned about your physical and mental well-being as you are. Fitwel employs specific strategies that work together to promote better health across seven categories. These include:

  • Meaningfully impacting community health
  • Supports social equity across a range of populations
  • Reducing morbidity and chronic absenteeism
  • Fosters feelings of well-being through relaxed, clean spaces and connection to nature
  • Safety for occupants by reducing the risk of injury or crime
  • Expanding access and options for healthier food choices
  • Stepping up physical activity each day 

The Flats at CityLine—It’s more than upscale living. More than high-end amenities. We’ve gone above and beyond for our residents by achieving the coveted Fitwel Certification Award. It’s something we can all get behind! 

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